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Certifying the environmental impact of sustainable peatland management

Restore peatlands.
Remove carbon.
Monetize impact.

At PEATZ, we're on a mission to revolutionize peatland management, one of the most effective tools in the fight against climate change. Our innovative approach is simple yet powerful: restore degraded peatlands, capture carbon, and turn environmental impact into tangible benefits.

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​We empower landowners to become stewards of the environment while creating a sustainable income stream. By certifying the environmental impact of sustainable peatland management, we enable landowners to sell carbon certificates to corporations looking to offset their emissions. It facilitates a collaborative approach to climate change mitigation and environmental stewardship, ensuring mutual benefits for all involved.

Empowering Landowners,
enabling Change.
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Wet and healthy peatlands are nature's

most effective carbon storage.

Regenerative peatland management has the potential to turn a carbon emitting source into a natural carbon removal- and long-term storage solution. This enhances not only biodiversity and serves as a natural flood prevention but also fosters the overall ecosysteme health.

Landowners are the key for this transformation and we are determined to support them with our end-to-end infrastructure.

Urgent need for sustainable peatland management.

PEATZ helps landowners to transform a liability into an asset.

Regular peatland assessment

We use remote Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) to assess peatland conditions and carbon levels. Our expert consultations provide landowners with actionable insights to enhance peatland health and carbon sequestration.

Carbon Reduction Certification

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We quantify and certify carbon reductions achieved through sustainable peatland management. Each certificate represents 1 ton of CO2e reduced or removed, ensuring transparency and accountability in carbon savings.

Carbon Reduction Sales


Landowners can sell their certified carbon reductions on the carbon market. PEATZ facilitates the sale process, ensuring landowners receive the best possible price for their carbon certificates, creating a sustainable revenue stream.

End-to-end infrastructure
for sustainable peatland management.

Dashboard Overview

Users log in to a personalized dashboard to monitor peatland health.

Our platform supports every stage of a landowner’s transition through sustainable peatland management, using remote monitoring and satellite data for assessment, creating digital models for CO2 verification, issuing carbon certificates, and facilitating their sale to corporations

Vital ecosystem: Global impact of peatlands.

By promoting sustainable peatland management, PEATZ aims to protect and restore these critical ecosystems, ensuring their continued contribution to climate regulation, water management, and biodiversity preservation.

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Carbon storage

Covering just 3% of the Earth's land surface, peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the world's forests combined.

Your advantage in sustainable
peatland management.

For Landowners

Get Rewarded:

Earn high-quality carbon certificates by restoring your peatlands to their natural state.

Generate Sustainable Revenue:

Sell these valuable carbon certificates at the best prices with our expert assistance.

Stay Ahead of Regulations:

Transition to regenerative peatland practices today to comply with future governmental regulations.

Join the Movement:

Connect with a network of environmental stewards, peatland specialists, and research organizations for optimal solutions.

For Companies

High-Quality Carbon Certificates:

Purchase high-quality carbon certificates from local peatlands to achieve your sustainability goals and support a nature-positive future.

Local Environmental Actions:

Make a tangible impact by financing the restoration of peatlands.


Measure the impact of your investment with detailed field data through advanced remote monitoring and verification technology.

Long-Term Impact:

Invest in the most cost-effective natural carbon storage solution, ensuring carbon remains sequestered for thousands of years.


June 2024

PEATZ part of

 8th ESA BIC cohord 

We are excited to announce our next step in collaboration with ESA BIC Denmark: PEATZ has been accepted into the 8th cohort of the ESA BIC Incubator!


With 50,000 EUR in funding, consultancy hours, and access to the extensive ESA Network, we are poised to advance the PEATZ vision even further.


Fredericsvej 43, 2th.

2000 Frederiksberg


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